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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.1

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 629

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.1

Model Before: Miki Kuwahara 36 years old
Self-conscious about uneven eyebrows
Image desired to have: gorgeous eye make up for party

Today’s point
Golden rule for eyebrow shaping.
Highest brow point should be outside of the iris. Ending of the eyebrow should be diagonally lined with the side of the nose and corner of the eye.

Left to Right

  • Bobby Brown gel eyeliner(long-wear gel eyeliner/Black ink)
  • Oil control primer(Anti-shine)
  • Smashbox primer(photofinish hydrating)

This column is based on peoples insecurities, and how they can go about correcting them with professional advice.

Miki is not happy with her uneven eyebrows, and is looking for a makeover that will give her dramatic eyes.

Hair and make up artist Ai Sakai explains that when adults have dry skin, they produce excess oil. Ai’s advice for this situation, is to exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Also, give the skin extra hydration, which controls oil and balances out the skin. Ai says to first apply hydrating primer on the entire face. Then apply oil control primer around T-zone area. “Primer helps for the make up to last longer.”


Working with uneven eyebrows

After applying foundation, Ai worked with Miki’s eyebrows.
Ai says many people have uneven eyebrows. Before beginning to draw, pick your better side eyebrow. Once done with the better side eyebrow, use that eyebrow as a guide to draw the other eyebrow. When trimming eyebrows, draw your eyebrow first, then trim unnecessary hairs around it.

The beginning of the eyebrow may have different thickness, or may have different levels where they start. So beware of balance when drawing in, or eliminating brows. For Miki’s image to be more dramatic, her eyebrows need to be sharper. Also, the beginning to the highest point of her eyebrows need to be longer for her face to have a deeper illusion.


Creating dramatic eye make up

The black eyeliner is the most effective tool to create dramatic eyes for a party.
This time Ai used gel eyeliner which draws on smoother, and limits smudging. This product dries out easily, so once you take the amount desired, close immediately afterwards.

In Miki’s case, if Ai were to apply eyeliner over and under, it would make her eyes appear smaller. For this reason, Ai decided to apply eyeliner from beginning to end on the top and inside of the lash line, and from the end until 2/3 over on the inside of bottom lashes. Next Ai applies pale pearl eye shadow over the center of Miki’s eyelid.

After, Ai used brown eye shadow over top eyeliner to blend in. Also, Ai used the brown eye shadow to gradate. Lastly, Ai used pale pinkish purple eye shadow under bottom eyelashes. This process helps for less smudging, and longer lasting eye make up.

Miki also received application of lipstick, blush, and had her hair done, which completed her makeover.


  • About the Ai Love Hair


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    New York NY 10036

    Private Studio/Office

    105 Clinton Street
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