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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.10

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 638

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.10

Model Before: Masahito Shinto 39 years old
Self-conscious about his thick and dark beard
Image desired to have: clean cut and attractive

Today’s point
To apply concealer with a sponge little by little to create balance.

Left to Right

  • DHC (Facial Scrub)
  • Clinique (Skin Supplies For Men/M protect SPF 21)
  • Clinique (Skin Supplies For Men/(3.5 scruffing lotion)

Today’s model Masahito Shinto is self-conscious about his thick dark beard, so he wants to try using make up while still keeping his “guy next door” look.

Mens Skincare

Masahito’s skin is oily. Usually adult oily skin is dehydrated, so to keep skin hydrated use basic skincare such as women which is important. At night before going to bed, use daily face wash to remove all dirt from face.

In the morning just rinse face with warm water. Do not use face wash because a certain amount of the skins natural oil is needed for moisture.
Also, once or twice a week, use a face scrub which helps to turnover skin cells for over 30’s.

After wash, use a towel to gently pat dry. Then use a cotton with a generous amount of lotion to pat the face until it has cooled down and has become moist (avoid beard area, and use hands instead).

Quickly apply a generous amount of moisture cream between hand to warm up, then apply on face by pressing gently.

This step is important because after patting lotion moisture has to be sealed in quickly, otherwise the skin will become even more dry because it was stripped of moisture from the inside and the surface.

Camouflaging beard

Masahito’s is self-conscious about his dark beard.

Hair and make up artist Ai Sakai says, “Let’s use concealer to camouflage after shaving the beard.” Foundation can also be applied all over the face.

Use base concealer that matches the skin tone and mix with a little bit of orange to cover the bluish color. To apply use a big round sponge by tapping the area softly (concealer can be bought at any drugstores cosmetic section).

Now apply loose powder all over face to complete base.

Eye make up is also important for mens make up.
Lots of mens eye lashes are thicker and longer than womens, and lots of Asians have eye lashes that grow downward and straight which is why an eye lash curler is helpful.

Use the curler to bring up the roots, and do not curl from the middle to the end which still gives a manly and natural look. Lastly, bring up the eyelid and use a pencil liner to draw inside the eye line to fill in.

This technique gives a pop to the eye, and is good for people who present in front of others.

Ai completed Masahito’s look by drawing his eyebrows, and using tinted lip balm.


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