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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.11

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 639

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.11

Model Before: Hisamitsu Nishiyama 41 years old
Self-conscious about morning puffy eyes
Image desired to have: night scene bachelor

Today’s point
Filling in eyebrows piece by piece

Left to Right

  • Smashbox primer (Photo Finish Color Correcting/Blend)
  • MAC (Eyebros Crayon Pour Les Sourcils/Stud)
  • Eye Drops (collyre blue laiter)

Today’s model Hisamitsu has puffy and reddish eyes every morning due to drinking.

Hair and Make up artist Ai Sakai uses one drop of special deep blue eye drops which gets rid of the redness, and makes eyes look clearer. This product is ideal for an emergency because it has a quick response time, although it should not be used everyday and instructions should be read very carefully.

First Ai used lotion and cream to condition his skin, then she used primer (Photo Finish Color Correcting Blend) to avoid shine and to smooth skin.

Lastly, she applied foundation and concealer to complete base make up.

Well trimmed eyebrows

First shape eyebrows and pluck unnecessary hairs by pressing roots while grabbing the hair.
Then pull out hair in the direction of growth while other finger holds skin in the opposite direction, which prevents pain.

For women who are on their menstrual cycle skin can be more sensitive, so wait until cycle is finished to remove hair.

After shaping eyebrows, use eye brow pencil to draw in empty spots hair by hair making sure that both eyebrows have an even balance. (NOTE: Ai explains more about eyebrow shaping in one of her other columns #629 and #637)

Tip on how to apply mens eye make up

Puffy eyes need natural eye make up affect.
First use an eye lash curler to bring up eyelash root slightly (if eyelash is brought up or curled too much, that will give a girlish look).

When looking from a side view eyelashes look downward, so bring up anywhere from horizontal to a 45 degree angle. For a person that has droopy or puffy eyes, eyelashes should be brought up to 45 degrees which makes eyes look more open.

If eyelash curler shape does not match eyelid shape, then eyelashes will not curl well. In this case, one can use a certain type of curler that works for small sections to bring up lashes evenly.

Next use an eyeliner pencil to fill in the inside lash line. Pay attention not to lack when filling in eye line, and creating an even balance.

Lastly, to complete Hisamitsu’s look, Ai used lip balm to make his lips look fuller.

Now he has handsome eyebrows and sharper eyes which makes him look like a bachelor.


  • About the Ai Love Hair


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    New York NY 10036

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    105 Clinton Street
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