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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.2

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 630

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.2

Model Before: Kumiko Age 40’s
Self-conscious about short eyelashes and downward growth
Image desired to have: sexy but sophisticated

Today’s point
Practice using eyelash curler by bringing up the elbow to curl well

Left to Right

  • Smashbox primer(Photo Finish Color Correcting balance)
  • MAC(liquid eyeliner Boot Black)

Today’s model Kumiko has a problem with her eyelashes growing in a downward position. Kumiko says, “when I use the curler, my hand gets tired because my lashes are very stiff.
I’m able to bring my lashes to an upward curl, but after applying mascara, my lashes fall back down.”

Working with downward growth eyelashes

Hair and Make up artist Ai Sakai says, “choosing the right eyelash curler is important. The curlers curve has to fit your eyelid curve.”

Also, the curlers rubber part has to be checked frequently to make sure there aren’t any cracks because if used this way, you can cut your lashes. When using the curler, start with grabbing the eyelash root, very close to the eyelid. Follow by opening and closing the curler as you reach the ends of your eyelashes. While doing this motion, start moving your elbow in an upward position.

Ai Sakai says, “you should bring up your elbow high enough to show your underarm.” Kumiko used Ai’s advice while trying to do this, and she found herself not conscious about bringing up her elbow being that she is not use to this motion.
Once she paid more attention to doing this, her eyelashes curled up easily and well. After her lashes were curled, she put on pieces of false eyelashes. She then finished with mascara.


Creating sexy eyes

Today’s subject at Kumiko’s request is sexy, but appropriate enough for during the daytime. Creating a sexy look starts with the skin. Kumiko has dark circles under her eyes, so Ai gave her a face massage before applying her make up.
This help for Kumiko to have better circulation in her face, so then Ai can applied primer to even out her skin tone.

The base color concealer mixed with yellow concealer covers under eye circles, and dark and brown spots. The brownish spots and freckles will be covered by the mixed yellow base concealer. If a person has dull skin, they would need to use purple concealer. When mixing concealer, it can be difficult to create the correct color if one is not skilled.

Anyhow, if you remember the rules of colors, that can help you to choose the correct color.

The tricks to sexy eye make up are as follow. Use gray eye shadow. Keep eyebrows trimmed straight across instead of round. Use black eyeliner across the upper eyelash line, and brown eyeliner for one third across the bottom eyelash line. The purpose for only going one third across the bottom, is because it makes the eyes appear bigger.

Kumiko also received blush and lipstick application, which completed her makeover.


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