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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.4

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 632

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.4

Model Before: Sayako Yamaguchi 32 years old
Self-conscious about puffy single eyelid
Image desired to have: soft and cute looking

Today’s point
To make cute looking eye make up by using purple eyeliner and eye shadow

Left to Right

  • Smashbox (Photo Finish Light)
  • MAC (Technakohl Liner/Purple Dash)

Today’s model Sayako is self-conscious about her single eyelids making her image look severe.
Usually Sayako uses a special cosmetic product to create double eyelids, but she prefers to have a softer look with her natural single eyelids.

Hair and Make up artist Ai Sakai says, “eyeliner is an important tool for her make up, and she needs to focus on how to draw using eyeliner.”
Ai pulls up Sayako’s eyelids, and fills in between inner upper eyelashes. Then Ai fills in the outer upper eyelashes to make sure there’s no empty spaces in between each eyelash.

People who have puffy eyelids tend to have their eyelids cover their eyeliner. In this case, open up your eyes and check in the mirror. Keep adding wideness little by little with the eyeliner to make the eyes pop.

Also Sayako has asymmetry size eyes. Her right eye is bigger than her left eye. This is why the eyeliner on her left eye needs to be applied longer and wider than her right eye to give an even balance.
Ai applies brown eyeliner under bottom lashes from outside corner 2/3 inward.

Next Ai applies dark brown eye shadow underneath bottom eyelashes to give a droopy effect. This technique can also be used by people who have cat eyes, to make eyes look softer.

Creating cute eye make up

Ai says, “most people associate the color pink with being cute, but this is not true for Asian skin tones when using eye make up.” Purple color is a better choice for Asian skin tones.

Before applying black eyeliner, apply purple eyeliner and eye shadow to the inner, outer, and lower parts of the eyelids to appear darkest, leaving the center part lighter. Ai recommends using false eyelashes instead of applying a lot of eye shadow, to give the eyes a natural pop.

After using an eyelash curler to bring up your original eyelashes, apply individual false lashes with adhesive in between original lashes.


Trick to facial structure is Blush

Ai teaches a technique on how to make a long shaped face appear shorter by using blush. Ai’s advice is to apply blush on the cheekbones towards the temples for a longer effect.
For a shorter effect, apply blush on the highest point of the cheekbones when smiling, and continue horizontally towards the ears. The main trick to creating different facial structures, is the level and position at which you apply the blush.

Ai finished Sayako’s look with soft bold lipstick, and loose curled hair to make her look cute but mature.
Now Sayako realizes that she can enjoy eye make up without using special cosmetic products.


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