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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.6

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 634

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.6

Model Before: Yukiko Iwasawa 32 years old
Self-conscious about not having full cheeks
Weak point: poor skills with applying false eye lashes
Image desired to have: urban style make up for night scene

Today’s point
How to apply false eyelashes

Left to Right

  • Smashbox Primer(Anti-Shine)
  • MAC Eye Shadow (Sultress Eyes: 4)
  • MAC Eye Shadow (Bough Grey)

Yukiko wants to learn skills on how to apply false lashes to make her eyes pop, and make her image more urban and dramatic.

Hair and make up artist Ai Sakai suggests to use grey green eye shadow to make eyes more trendy. The green color matches well with Asian skin tone, and is not as harsh as people may think.

Yukiko’s facial features are type of centralized. Ai wants to broaden Yukiko’s facial features by applying darker eye shadow on the inside of the corner eyelids, and gradually make lighter towards the outer part of the eyelids, which is practical for most people with the same facial structure.

To highlight Yukiko’s eyelids, Ai applied pale pearl eye shadow, then grey green eye shadow around the highlighted area.

How to apply false eye lashes

Ai used full length false lashes for Yukiko.
First take false lashes from the case and rub them together. This step helps for the lashes to comfortably and naturally fit original eye lashes.

If the false lashes are applied too close to the inside it looks unnatural, so start by applying false lashes ¼ inch from the inside corner of the eyes, then decide how far you want to extend the length of the lashes.

The false lashes length can be cut to each individuals design, but it’s better to trim the corners of the false lashes to make them blend well with original lashes.

After trimming, apply a drop of adhesive to each corner of the false lashes because the ends can easily come off after a while, then apply a thin even layer through the middle.
Let adhesive dry half way, then start to apply lashes from inside corner to outer corner. Keep eyes looking downward until dry.

Once false lashes are dry, you can apply mascara to blend with original lashes.

Finish with blush

Ai chose a pink beige colored blush similar to Yukiko’s skin tone, because her eyes are already dramatic enough. The pink beige color blush on her skin creates a glow and shade which makes her face appear 3D.

Yukiko is self-conscious about not having full cheeks, which is why Ai started applying blush from the highest point of her cheeks moving towards the temple. Highest point can be found when smiling.

This technique does not include the area under the cheekbones because Ai does not want to add more shade to these sections.

To complete Yukiko’s makeover, Ai applied nude colored lipstick.
Ai also created a pompadour with her bangs which gave her an urban sexy look.


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