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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.7

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 635

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.7

Model Before: Eri Fujii 29 years old
Weak point: not knowing how to use more variety of colors
Image desired to have: sexy and bright make up for bartending

Today’s point
To make lips look full

Left to Right

  • Smashbox Foundation (High Definition)
  • NARS Lipstick (Jungle Red)

Today’s model Eri always uses brown eye shadow for her make up, but she wants to start using other colors. Eri wants brighter make up for dim places.

Hair and Make up artist Ai Sakai says, “Eri has oily skin, so in most cases dehydration makes her skin oilier. That’s why she should use warm water instead of using face wash in the morning time. This will keep her skin more hydrated, and will not strip her of all her natural oil.”

Ai uses gel foundation on Eri because it covers well, and it keeps the skin well hydrated.

Next Ai trimmed Eri’s eyebrows, and plucked any unnecessary hairs. At the same time, draw eyebrow shape and pluck more unnecessary hair.

Preparing to focus on lips

Ai wants to use bright color on Eri’s lips, which is why she uses grey or black for Eri’s eye color.

First highlight the middle of the eyelids, then apply medium grey eye shadow on each side of the eyelids while blending towards the center. Apply dark grey eyeliner above the lash line to make eyes pop.

Ai used pencil and liquid type of eyeliner.
First use pencil eyeliner on the inner upper eyelashes, remembering to fill in between eyelashes. Then draw inside from the inner corner 2/3 over, and draw outside of the lash line on the remaining 1/3.
This process makes eyes appear bigger and makes them pop.

Next use liquid eyeliner to draw outside of the upper eyelids by starting off thinly, and widening as you reach the outer corners and extend around bottom corners. Its helps to draw an outline first, and then go back and shade in.

Ai says, “for a beginner who wants to use false lashes, temporarily apply false lashes (1/16 above your own lash line on the inner corner, and 1/8 above lash line on the outer corner) before deciding on how thick to make your eye liner.”

Creating bright lips

Ai chose a reddish lip color with an orange blend which brightened her up in dim settings.

Ai used a lip brush to make a lip line from middle to each corner on top and bottom. Then Ai filled in her entire lips.

After lipstick, Ai used a lip plumper to make her lips look full.
Lastly, Ai used a salmon orange blush on Eri’s cheeks to make her look more cheerful to complete her makeover.


  • About the Ai Love Hair


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    New York NY 10036

    Private Studio/Office

    105 Clinton Street
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