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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.8

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 636

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.8

Model Before: Yuko Ikeshita 29 years old
Weak point: smudges eye make up
Image desired to have: lively make up for autumn

Today’s point
To apply bronzer using an angle cut brush which helps to blend naturally

Left to Right

  • MAC (Liquidlast Liner/Point Black)
  • MAC (Sheertone Shimmer Blush/Style)

Today’s model Yuko Ikeshita worries about always smudging her eye make up. This is the reason why she does not apply her own make up regularly.

She wishes to have lively and 3D make up for autumn.

How to avoid smudging eye make up

Yuko’s eyelids are narrow curved and flat. People who have flat eyes want to have a pop or 3D look. Gradually apply lighter eye shadow on the higher part, and darker shadow on the lower part of the eyelids.

This idea can be used on the entire face to create a 3D affect. Choosing beige and brown eye shadow matches best with Asian skin tones, because it looks the most natural and good for everyday use.

Hair and Make up artist Ai Sakai says, “Don’t forget to apply primer and foundation really close to the edges of the eyes.”

When doing this process, leave the eyes half open to avoid missing any part of the edges. After applying liquid foundation and concealer, don’t forget to apply loose powder all around the eyes because this secures any liquid and creamy products.

To highlight under the eye area, use pale pink purple eye shadow. This will make eyes brighter, and will not let smudging be obvious.

After applying eye shadow, apply strong water proof liquid eye liner. Use eye lash curler to bring up eye lashes enough from the roots, then apply water proof mascara.

Smudging occurs when eye lashes and eye lines touch under bottom eyelids each time they blink. This is the reason why using water proof eye liner and mascara is best.

In Yuko’s case aside from using the above process, Ai also applied dark brown eye shadow under the bottom eyelids by starting narrow at the center, and continuing wider until the outer corners.

How to apply bronzer

Yuko is also self-conscious about her wide jaw.
To make her jaw appear narrower, Ai used bronzer.

When applying bronzer, use a brush with a slanted angle. Use the brushes’ slanted part on the widest part of the jawline making that part darker, and gradually blend to lighter.

Avoid applying on the cheekbones, and check the mirror to help create an even balance.

To complete Yuko’s look for autumn, Ai applied pink beige blush and lipstick.


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