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Makeover self-conscious buster! No.9

Makeover self-conscious buster!

From NY Japion Volume 637

Makeover self-conscious buster! No.9

Model Before: Tomoko Onodera 37 years old
Self-conscious about her eyes being wide apart, and not looking mature
Image desired to have: sharp, cool, and mature

Today’s point
Using a combination of powder, wax, and pencil liner to draw eyebrows

Left to Right

  • Bobbi Brown (Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner/Black Ink)
  • Bobbi Brown (Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush)
  • Smashbox (Brow Tech/Dark Brown)

Today’s model Tomoko is highly self-conscious about not looking mature because of her eyes being too wide apart. Hair and Make up artist Ai Sakai says, “Let’s make her look like a career woman.”

First Ai used a primer to make her skin look brighter. Then after applying foundation, Ai used a mixture of yellow and green concealer to cover the redness and darkness under Tomoko’s eyes.

Lastly, use loose powder to secure all soft products.
Ai Sakai says, “Base make up is very important to finish final look.

How to create sharp eyebrows

Tomoko always draws her eyebrows with an arch, which is why Ai says she does not look mature. Ai makes Tomoko’s eyebrows wider and straighter to make her look mature.

She then shapes Tomoko’s eyebrows by making a straight body, then slightly narrowing down.
Ai used wax, powder, and pencil type eyebrow liner to make originally narrow eyebrows appear wider.

The first step is using pencil liner starting inside the eyebrow, and drawing in hair by hair extending outside the eyebrow. The second step is to use an eyebrow brush with a small amount of wax and powder to fill in any empty spaces.

The reason for using the wax, is so that the make up will not wear off.

Always remember to draw hair in one by one in all steps. Do not draw an outline and fill in eyebrows, because this gives an unnatural look.

Secret to creating a mature look

For people whose eyes are wide apart, using nose shadow on the sides of the nose will give eyes a closer effect. This technique makes Tomoko look mature.

To create a nose shadow, use a medium wide round brush to apply matte brown shadow.
Start on the inner sides of the eyes up to the beginning of the brows, and down to the sides of the nose to create a shadow. Tomoko’s droopy eyes make her face look soft and sweet. Ai applies shimmer brown eye shadow on Tomoko’s eye lids to make her eyes pop.

Then she applies gel eye liner on the edges of her eye line to widen the outside corners of her eyes.
After, use a pencil eye liner to blend in gel liner and eye shadow. Using sharp eye liner makes Tomoko look cool and like a career woman.

Lastly, Ai used false lashes that were cut to 1/2 inch in size and applied them to the end of the eye line.

For Tomoko, Ai applied the false lashes slightly above her natural eye line to make her droopy eyes look like cat eyes.

To complete Tomoko’s makeover, Ai used pale copper lipstick and a little blush.


  • About the Ai Love Hair


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    New York NY 10036

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    105 Clinton Street
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