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Makeover Returns : Part 1

Makeover Returns : Part 1

From NY Japion Volume 662

Makeover Returns : Part 1

Model Before: Eiko Kawashima 31 years old
Weak point: Difficulty choosing the right color
Image desired to have: Summery make up

Today’s point
To apply blush using a big round brush by softly patting the cheeks to create a round shape


  • Top
    Smashbox Face Powder for touch up Photo Set Pressed Powder
  • Lower Left
    MAC Brush (Foolish Me)
  • Lower right
    MAC eye shadow (Lucky Green)

Today’s model Eiko wants to know how to have summery make up. She has troubled skin, and under eye circles. Hair and Make up artist Ai Sakai gives Eiko a face massage before applying make up.

Ai says, “the massage gives the skin better circulation and helps to cover up under eye circles.” The next step is to apply primer and foundation, patting each one softly all over the face after application.

How to use concealer

When using concealer, choose one base color that matches your skin tone, and add a color concealer that will target your troubled areas. To camouflage dark circles or dullness use yellow, for bruising or bluish under eye circles use orange, for any reddish spots use green. This is the general rule on how to use concealer.

After mixing the base and color concealer, apply small amounts to target areas by tapping around the edges to blend in which makes the skin look smooth.

How to create summery make up

Colorful bright summer make up should have a good balance and complement each other when combining different colors. First Ai picked out a fresh green eye shadow for Eiko, because green is a good match for Asian skin tone. Ai used a waterproof eyeliner without any worries of smudging in the sweating summer.

Ai chose an orange blush which is a good match with green eye shadow. It is better to not combine the opposite colors on the color chart. When applying blush, use circular motions to create a cute look. Lastly, apply lipstick, and check to make sure all colors complement each other well.

Ai says, “It is convenient to carry a palette type face powder for touch ups during the summertime, to keep your make up looking fresh which will make you feel more glamorous.”

After the makeover, Eiko said, “I wanna try to do myself.”


  • About the Ai Love Hair


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    New York NY 10036

    Private Studio/Office

    105 Clinton Street
    New York NY 10002